The best Zelda maps for Fortnite Codes

The best Zelda maps in Fortnite (Codes)

If your favorite hero is Link and you are a lover of The Legend of Zelda, in Fortnite you can enjoy excellent creative mode maps related to this wonderful RPG game, and of course we leave you here the best ones with their codes so you can experience and relive the best of Zelda in Fortnite.

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On this page you will find the codes to play the best maps of The Legend of Zelda for Fortnite, if you are excited about the challenges and in turn enjoy maps based on other famous video games be sure to visit the maps of Star Wars and also those of Fall Guys that have no waste.

How to play Zelda in Fortnite?

Fortnite is one of the most versatile and popular video games that exist, since the creative mode has managed the creators to give us an immense variety of alternatives, and it is there where renowned sagas in the world of video games have been able to relive great moments, as is the case of The Legend of Zelda, which has several very fun maps recreated by other players that you can not miss if you are a fan of Link and his adventures.

Zelda maps in Fortnite offer us great diversity to guarantee entertainment, either by managing to be the survivor of the game or getting relics to save the kingdom of Hyrule. Surely you will not have time to get bored among these options, carefully selected among the best with their codes so you can enjoy them without wasting a second.

The best maps to play The Legend of Zelda in Fortnite


In this map based on Breath of the wild, you will enjoy multiple elements and wonderfully cared details that recall one of the great representatives of the Zelda saga that you can’t miss.

Use this map code in the creative mode headquarters.


In this very well set map you will be able to show your skills with short-range weapons, show your friends who is the best, enjoy Navi’s warnings and advice and take your bow and sword to climb to the top of the podium proving that you are the best Link.

Use this map code in the creative mode headquarters.


This is considered the most complete creative map of those related to Zelda, here you will have to get all the pieces of the Triforce in 9 different dungeons or levels, and the truth is, it is not an easy task.

Use this map code in the creative mode headquarters.


You will spend hours of guaranteed fun exploring and trying out all the elements you found in the Zelda sagas, from objects, sceneries, clothing details and, of course, the weapons to free the castle from Ganon’s dominion.

Use this map code in the creative mode headquarters.

In a nutshell

One of the greatest sagas in the world of video games could not be without its creative maps including the endless objects, weapons, details and equipment that have made Zelda an epic game. That’s why we wanted to help you with the search and bring you the codes to easily enter the best Zelda maps in Fortnite, so just put on your boots, equip your sword, shield and save Hyrule from its enemies.

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