4 Best Squid Game codes for Fortnite

4 Best Squid Game codes in Fortnite

Meet the maps (with their codes) for Fortnite’s creative mode that perfectly amulets the trials of The Squid Game, the South Korean series that’s sweeping Netflix.

Map choice and texts by Jaro
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Fortnite has always been characterized as an avant-garde game that always has the most current and innovative for its unconditional fans thanks to the creative mode. With the overflowing boom that has had the series of The Squid Game, the Fortnite community could not allow that among its infinity of maps, there was a vacuum to enjoy such a famous Netflix series.

For those who do not know about the series, The Squid Game is a South Korean series of suspense and survival that is based on a contest where 456 players from different social strata are invited with a common aspect: they all need the prize money. But in order to win, they must overcome childish games with lethal outcomes if they fail to complete them correctly.

With the premise of this excellent television series, many maps have been created in Fortnite’s creative mode suitable for the Squid Game and we have studied the best ones so that you can enjoy them at the reach of a single click. Below, we will briefly detail them:


If you have enjoyed the series and want to enjoy a video game where you can test your skills as the contestants of The Squid Game, you can do so and enter this dangerous and challenging contest by playing the best 4 maps of The Squid Game in Fortnite that we bring you below:


As in the series, the key to winning on this map is to be cautious as “she watches everything”, take advantage of your speed on the green and still as a rock on the red. You can also enjoy the bunk bed scenario for a pre-game chat before the game.

Use this map code in the creative mode headquarters.


This map involves 4 to 16 players competing in 4 mini-games and the winner is the last one standing. Although they are not exactly the mini-games of The Squid Game, they are inspired by the Netflix series.

Use this map code in the creative mode headquarters.


In this map you will have three games available inspired by the Netflix series such as green light red light, tug of war and glass treader, you can participate in these tests alone or with other players, and you will be the winner only if you reach the end of them: 1) Red light – green light: In this mini-game you must run to the end of a map when the bear is usually looking at the other side distracted, when he turns around you must stay paralyzed until he can return to green. 2) Tug of war: In this mini-game you must divide into two teams to pull the rope quickly and get to pull our opponents. 3) Pisacristales: In this mini-game you only have two minutes to get to the other side where certain glass plates are false.

Use this map code in the creative mode headquarters.


The map The Squid Game is based on the participation of 30 players in which you must advance by overcoming the trials until only one survivor remains. The game modes, as in the series are as follows: 1) Red light, green light: Go forward when the light is green and slow down when it is red until you reach the goal. 2) The cookie game: You have to shoot at the target without going out of the line marked by the silhouette. 3) Night fight: An all against all with the beak. 4) Tug of war: You have to shoot at the targets faster than your rivals. 5) Marbles: Guess between odd and even. 6) Glass steps: You have to guess the path to follow and where to step. 7) The Squid Game: You have to push the others with the gun to get them out of the playing area.

Use this map code in the creative mode headquarters.

In Summary…

The Squid Game is a phenomenon that has captivated every corner of the planet and is known worldwide, and of course it could not fail to have participation in the Fortnite universe. Each test that you will have to overcome in the various maps that we studied above have great similarity to the series and challenge your survival skills to prove that you are worthy of the grand prize. All that’s left now is to sharpen your aim and prove that you are not just a participant, but the eventual winner of The Squid Game.

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