The best Fortnite Party Worlds for creative mode Codes

The best Fortnite Party Worlds for creative mode (Codes)

It seemed like Fortnite had given the most it could give, but nothing of the sort. Party worlds arrive to offer new experiences. If you do not know what they are, we will reveal all their features for you to get the most out of them.

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The presentation of the new “Party Worlds” means a new game experience that will allow players to share moments together, chat, comment on funny situations of different topics and meet in personalized social spaces.

What are Fortnite’s creative mode party worlds?

Party Worlds are unique and individual worlds that are unrelated to other maps and basically their function is more of social interest and entertainment, allowing you to have a good time with your friends and even, with other players.

Similar to the party worlds, can be the roleplay maps, designed to socialize, although within a setting and with a plot that can be given.

Mainly, the party worlds differ from the other islands, in that although in the central islands, players can also meet, their main objective is to help players find islands and fun content. They are places created so that players can comment and have fun interacting with each other, basically having a good time. In this space you can go to relax and have fun with other players in various mini-games. 


If you want to check out the party worlds that have already been created and have been a success, either to get an idea of how to make one that will go viral or to log in and share with other players, we list the best ones:


En el mundo de fiesta «Fiesta Magistral» tienes muchas cosas por experimentar, ya que puedes encontrar desde un cine a cielo abierto, una campo de fútbol, un lago para pescar, un escenario para conciertos e incluso un barco pirata. Éste mapa es el único de la lista que podrás acceder fácilmente sin necesidad de ingresar un código de acceso, ya que viene incluido en el juego.

Utiliza este código de mapa en la central del modo creativo.


En éste adictivo mundo de fiesta, podrás disfrutar de salones de fiesta, baile, karaoke y otros minijuegos relacionados con la vida nocturna, trajes de gala alucinantes y podrás compartir con tus amigos en una noche de copas.

Utiliza este código de mapa en la central del modo creativo.


En el mapa Walnut todo se desarrolla en un parque de diversiones con un sin fin de atracciones donde el aburrimiento no tiene cabida. Podrás pasar horas en éste extenso mapa disfrutando de la diversidad de minijuegos y además conociendo otros jugadores.

Utiliza este código de mapa en la central del modo creativo.

How to create your party world in Fortnite?

One of the qualities of Party Worlds is that they are not predetermined, but any player can create their own Party World using Fortnite’s Creative Mode editor (which is very complete and easy to use), but for it to be approved, you must follow certain rules that we mention below:

  • Party Worlds must not be offensive or threatening in any way, so ideally they should not focus on battles, combat or inflicting damage on each other.
  • Party Worlds should encourage broad and inclusive forms of expression, whether through gestures, graffiti, costume changes or other methods.
  • Party Worlds should promote social interaction, sharing, inclusion and allow players to make new friends without restrictions, allowing the possibility for players to get to know each other better, form teams or simply find friends and interact with each other.

To conclude

Sharing with other players, interacting, and playing mini-games of various themes will never go out of style, and Fortnite’s party worlds have proven it. All that’s left now is to try out the different islands, see which one suits you best based on your interests, and be willing to meet people, sharing experiences and enjoying the time.

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