Best maps with Hacks in Fortnite [Codes]

Hacks in Fortnite are hidden tricks in Creative Mode that players can find and activate to gain temporary advantages over their enemies. They are very fun, and that is why we have prepared this compilation of the best maps with hacks in Fortnite and their codes, so you can have a great time.

Code selection and writing by Juls
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BOX FIGHT PVP++: Look for the purple

This map is excellent to laugh for a while with your friends, and I say a while, because your body looks purple and they will catch you right away. To activate the hacks of this box fight map you must look at the corners, in one of them you will see a button, approach, jump and you will have them if you are not discovered. You have 100 rounds to be discovered whenever you want, don’t be cruel.

Use this map code in the creative mode headquarters.

BOX FIGHT BUGS 4VS4: All or none

In this island both teams will have to agree if they want to use hacks or not, because at the beginning we will have to press a button simultaneously for the hacks room to open, in this room we will find infinite ammunition, extra life, double speed and some epic weapons.

Use this map code in the creative mode headquarters.

GKI BOX FIGHTS Y ZONE WARS: The first to dance

The map consists of 10 rounds in which 5 will be box fight and 5 zone wars, what about the hacks? To unlock the hacks you will have to be the fastest in dancing. The first one to dance will have hacks that round.

Use this map code in the creative mode headquarters.


Here is the most troll map of box fights. On this island you can invite up to 16 players. The key to this map is that when the hacks are activated, you do not appear a different color but you will shine, although if you throw a shadow grenade that appears in the hacks room, the glow will disappear, so in the eyes of others you will be completely normal, they will not know that you have activated hacks, although they may suspect something if you kill them with a scar shot. You get to the hacks room by pressing a button behind the rock, you can’t miss it.

Use this map code in the creative mode headquarters.

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In Fortnite there are many creative maps to play on, but the best maps with Fortnite hacks and their codes are in Mapnite. Don’t waste any more time looking and try these that we bring you, you will surely not regret it.

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