Best Courses to Edit like a pro in Fortnite [Codes]

We have the codes for the best maps to improve your editing skills in Fortnite made for the creative mode. Practicing your edits is key if you want to be more competitive in Battle Royale mode and a basic that is worth refreshing every season, and we’re already on season 7 in 2021.

Map choice and texts by Jaro
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We also recommend you the map selections intended for training your fundamental Fortnite skills that you will find in Mapnite as well as the mini-game maps to relax and have a good time with, for example, a good parkour map or a Death Run code. Not everything is going to be training and competing, you’ll also have to relax.

The best maps for editing and practice your constructions in season 7

Still in 2021, editing like a master is quite a challenge in Fortnite. Building and editing is probably the key for winning in Fortnite season after season, because it’s the only real way to protect yourself and create a strategy. That’s why we have tested many options (too many maybe) and we bring you only the best and 100% working maps to practice editing in Fortnite, to become a pro of edits at the level of Ninja, Bugha or TFue.


In CanDooks 9 in 1 Edit Course you have 9 editing circuits of different difficulties to overcome in less than 3 minutes each, which may seem easy in the more moderate difficulties. Even so, they will get us hooked until we lower our times to get the precious gold in each one of them.

Use this map code in the creative mode headquarters.


Fortnite editing training map - Fleas Editing Dictionary V2
Fortnite editing training map – Fleas Editing Dictionary V2

Another great option to practice editing and become an ace with the controller is the Fleas Editing Dictionary. In this map you will have the option to choose what type of editing you want to practice: tunnels, up, down and towers. You can enter with a friend and compete to see who can do it faster. You will be able to customize the background and use accessories such as suction launchers and shock grenades.

Use this map code in the creative mode headquarters.


Raider’s Box Fight Practice Map V2 is an island designed for you to edit a series of buildings already placed on the map with different configurations in order to move through them and train the different types of edit. You time yourself and set your own challenges.

Use this map code in the creative mode headquarters.


Learn to edit in Fortnite with Raider464's Warm-Up Course 2
Learn to edit in Fortnite with Raider464’s Warm-Up Course 2

The dynamics in Raider464’s Warm-Up Course 2 is different from that of the previous islands, because this time we are proposed 4 circuits of structures that go up, down and advance between tunnels to advance through them in the shortest time possible. It includes timer, weapons and some useful accessories, but it is best to practice without using them. It can be played with friends.

Use this map code in the creative mode headquarters.


In Edit Course Legacy you must overcome a challenging editing circuit. It is perfect if you already have a basic level and want to progress to edit even faster, making the best decisions and internalizing complex movements to perform them mechanically.

Use this map code in the creative mode headquarters.


Circuito para editar en Fortnite - Ryfts Impossible Edit Course
Ryfts Impossible Edit Course

If you think you are already a master of editing, we challenge you to try the Ryft Impossible Edit Course #1 map if you are able to beat the 9:15 record of this editing challenge we will have no choice but to award you the title of Absolute Edit Pro in Fortnite.

Use this map code in the creative mode headquarters.


Fortnite editing training with zombies - Solo Box Fight!
Fortnite editing training with zombies – Solo Box Fight!

If you are interested in training the construction and editing to protect yourself, the Solo Box Fight! map is a very interesting option, because in this map you will have to build and edit your best defenses to protect yourself from the zombie threat that will try to tear them down. The premise is great, it’s perfect for practicing and you can play with friends. You can’t ask for more.

Use this map code in the creative mode headquarters.

Table of the best edition training maps for Fortnite in creative mode.

Find all the maps you should try if you want to level up your building and editing skills.

Map By Working Code
CanDooks 9 in 1 Edit Course Candook 100% 7440-4394-8340
Flea’s Editing Dictionary Flea 100% 7301-0487-6832
Raider’s Box Fight Practice Map V2 Raider464 100% 7562-1598-0199
Raider464’s Warm-Up Course 2 Raider464 100% 5739-0895-9513
Edit Course Legacy Fazekingtobi 100% 9860-5179-4527
Ryft Impossible Edit Course #1 Vorce-Ryft 100% 1510-7344-2178
Solo Box Fight! Selage 100% 3213-7825-1802

Extra ball: Fortnite Building Simulator

You should know that there is a building and editing simulator that perfectly recreates all aspects of Fortnite and that you can play with your PC keyboard and mouse without installing the game at this link.

Con Fortnite Building Simulator tambien puedes practicar edits
With Fortnite Building Simulator you can also practice edits

It is not demanding on your computer’s requirements, does not require downloading or installing anything and is a great addition for those thinking of switching from controller to keyboard and mouse or for those who simply want to try it out before deciding.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

In case there were any doubts, we answer the following FAQs 😉

What are ‘Edits’ in Fortnite?

“Edits” are the editions or modifications on the four building elements used in Fortnite; floor, wall, ramp and roof. They are important to allow us to create gaps through which to shoot enemies, to protect ourselves, to make our way, to run away from the storm and even to descend from great heights avoiding fall damage. Mastering the “Edits” is essential to win in Fortnite.

What is the best map to practice editing in Fortnite?

The best creative mode map you can find for editing and building is CanDooks 9 in 1 Edit Course which proposes different easy, medium and hard level challenges to train your editing skills.

And we conclude…

If you are looking for the best maps to edit like a master in Fortnite, Mapnite is the place. Here we bring you the codes of those maps that will help you build in god mode to be the best in the Battle Royale even today in season 7.

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