CIZZORZ Deathrun maps for Fortnite Codes and records

CIZZORZ Deathrun maps in Fortnite: Codes and records

Cizzorz, the youtuber and map creator of Fortnite, made four Deathrun maps of epic difficulty and accompanied their release with contests in which he handed out several prizes for the best times during 2019. Even today in 2021 we are still fascinated by these frantic maps and looking forward to new contests.

Map choice and texts by Jaro
“Record: 34 kills in Solo vs Squads”
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Below we show you the available Cizzorz deathrun maps for Fortnite, the videos with the world records, the times in which they have been completed and the codes for these impossible deathruns.

CIZZORZ DEATHRUN 4.0: $5,000 in prize money / World record of 4:17

A new edition of the contest and a new Cizzorz map that resulted in a world record (unbeatable?) of 4:17. This time Cizzorz includes in its Deathrun map the possibility to play it with friends, and it’s a detail, because beating the world record seems something only possible for one or two chosen ones and beating a friend seems something much more likely.

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CIZZORZ DEATHRUN 3.0: $10,000 in prize money / World Record of 5:24

This time the edition of the contest had $10,000 in prizes but also more and more fans of Cizzorz’ deathruns competing for them.The challenge is getting more and more complicated and if we search a bit on Youtube we will see that there are those who have real problems to control their temper… No wonder, it is difficult to make a time of 5:24 like this:

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CIZZORZ DEATHRUN 2.0: $5,000 in prize money / World Record in 6:12

In two weeks all the fans of the creative mode had the chance to win $5000 in prizes distributed as follows: $3500 for the winner, $1000 for the second best time and $500 for the third best time on this absolutely crazy map created by Cizzorz. Are you able to shave a few seconds off the world record of 6:12? If so, you should get ready for new editions of the contest.

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CIZZORZ DEATHRUN: $1,500 in prize money / World record time of 3:17

With this map Czzizor started this tradition of challenging the community of creative mode players with his frenetic contests on his Deathrun maps. In this edition a prize of $1500 was awarded to the winner who literally nailed it with a time of 3:17, an absolute world record.

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Go practice, because Cizzorz may surprise us with a new deathrun map and a new contest at any moment. You have the map codes, videos to inspire you with world records, and even many more deathrun maps to train, you put the patience, we the best Fortnite maps.

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